Timewell Auctions - Your ONLINE Auction Specialists
Now you can bid from the comfort of your own home. Because the auction lasts a week, you have time to research and explore the items that you are interested in.
Be sure to come out and have a look at the auction during the scheduled preview time.
Then simply fill in the bidder information and start bidding.
Don't be afraid to leave a maximum bid. Your bid will only go up by $1 at a time as the software bids for you against other bidders. If you leave a maximum bid of $50.00 and someone bids  a maximum of $20 the software would push your bid to $21. If the other person tried to bid $50 you would still be the high bid because you were at $50 first. If the other person bids $51 then you would be outbid. If you have clicked on the notification box you will be notified by email that you are outbid.
If you win the bid you come at the scheduled time to the sellers' place and pick up the items that you won.
It's that easy.