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Selling in an Online Auction

Now you don't have to have a whole house full of furniture to have an auction sale. Whether you are downsizing from a house or an apartment Timewell Online Auctions is the answer.

A Timewell Online Auction is perfect for





A Timewell Online Auction attracts literally thousands of buyers.

The Timewell Online Auction team will evaluate your items, organize them, take pictures of everything, write descriptions and upload the sale to the Timewell Online website. The Timewell Auction team supervises the 2 hour preview time, invoices the winning bidders, collects the money and supervises the pick-up time as the winning bidders pick up their items.

You and your family, wherever they live, can sit back and watch the whole auction as it unfolds.

All this can usually be accomplished in a 2-week time frame after which you receive a cheque along with 

a complete list of everything that was sold and the price of each item.

To have your items sold in an auction viewed by thousands of people, contact Timewell Auctions and tell us what you have to sell.

or call


Consultations are always free.

Serving Southwestern Ontario...and beyond.

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